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Look at bad-ass Flynn protects his precious Rapunzel (I think he would have had Rapunzel's frying pan as his weapon)

Sparkling little kiss by ~GaydarBros on deviantART

faith, trust, and pixie dust-Peter Pan

I love these guys. Seriously. I know, I'm messed up, but they are my boys. They are my personal minions and they obey my every command. So be careful what you say/do to me, you don't know who you're dealing with >:)

Tangled Flyn and twins

Disney characters

Emo Princesses From Disney

Merida-Brave  Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PrillBV  #Disney #Brave #Merida

A fantart from Disney Pixar's movie "Brave".

Day nine best hairstyle, her BRAID my goodness I want it so bad, can you say wedding hair?

I love her braid so so much! I am doing this with my hair someday!

Tangled Wedding. I noticed that her train is EXTREMELY long and then it hit me. LIKE HER HAIR ONCE WAS. XD

Tangled Ever After. A super long train in place of her super long hair. Love this short.

Tangled - Sketch by Claire Keane

19 Disney Characters That Could Have Looked Completely Different

Love Claire Keane’s work! drawn-to-life: “ A Claire Keane drawing of Rapunzel for Disney’s Tangled. Claire Keane is the daughter of Glen Keane, and Glen Keane has animated memorable characters such as.

is it weird to wish that i lived in a tower so i could read all the time? haha

This describes me so perfectly. Although substitute the lizard for a puppy.

This is sooo sweet.               Thus why Eugene is the best Disney Prince.

Accurate post is accurate (if you have the time to read it)