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"Beware of people who dislike cats." --Irish Proverb

The British Shorthair, a stocky, sturdy cat resembling a plush teddy bear. While blue is the color most associated with the breed (like the one pictured), British Shorthairs are found in a number of other coats and patterns as well.


a good box solves everything. (looks like Happy Cat) my cats never seem to lose interest in a new or used cardboard box.


The 50 Funniest Grumpy Cat Memes

This is Tard, the grumpy dwarf kitty. Full name is Tartar Sauce, but his owners call her Tard (not the most PC of names! And if you needed proof that this new

The British Blue - a British Shorthair my next kitten !!!!!

10+ Most Popular Flat Faced Cat Breeds in The World

if I ever got a car, id get this one.The British Blue - a British Shorthair


The European Style Chartreux Cats Chartreux Origins source Chartreux is one of the oldest cat breeds with a lot of contrasts.

Adorable Russian Blue kitten

Russian blue kitten - Thanks to pinner Omaima Hodroj for sending me this adorable pin.

What Color EYES Does This Cutie Have? Gray?

[Russian Blue Kitten] ------------------- * * STERLING: " Noes, me haz noes idea hows yer oral prosthetics disappeared. But der's a glass o' water wif somethin' similar lookin' in it on de counter top.


(=`ェ´=) beautiful markings on this grey and ginger cream dilute tortie cat.


Looks just like my Moo Bear. Cool Cat Names: Cool Cat Names for Cool Cat Owners - Page the the name "Kitty" or "Slick" is too common, here are some stand out cat names. ("Slick" was Jack Lemmon's cat in the Grumpy Old Men movies)

Nini, Ninoschka | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bit more of a Soft or True Summer quality here, compared to the Soft Autumn kitten a few days ago. Pinker tones in the greys. Why does Summer influence make me think of cats and kittens? The dark grey eyeliner as pants, the white as a blouse, the eyes as


The first thing you will notice about a Persian cat is the large expressive eyes and pushed-in nose.

Sleepy head ~ little white kitty ♥

magicalnaturetour: Sweet Dreaming via Amolife ~ Sweet Dreams beautiful friends ♥