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Estoy agradecida

Agradecida y muy feliz. I am thankful for nights that became morning, for friends that became family, and for dreams that became reality.

Free yourself from the anxiety. Think about what should be. It will be and it will happen naturally.

Piensa que lo que debe ser será

Prefiero decir lo que pienso que callar lo que siento.

I want pretty: Lunes de cosas bonitas / Random pretty stuff!

Pero mejor mudos

Tengo tantas cosas que decir que si me callo. Me salen subtítulos

Las lecciones que te da la vida son tan buenas, que si no las entiendes te las vuelve a repetir... #Citas #Frases @Candidman @duzte

The lessons that the life gives you are so good that if you them didn't learn the life it you turns them to repeating