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Lin Pod Bench Photo

Lin Pod Bench

Split leaf philodendrum Propagation: Division. Cut through the thick roots with a serrated knife and pot up the plants separately.

In: Split-Leaf Philodendron

Modern Findings - large Swiss cheese plant on stand. Swiss Cheese plants are my favorite house plant right now.


Beautiful indoor rubber tree plant in a giant silver pot in a white living room. This huge plant is growing healthily toward the sun. More beautiful indoor plants and house plants here


The Urban Planty isn't like the other planter concepts you may have seen. Most concepts try to move towards making the plant self sustainable.

Growth by Begum Ayaskan and Bike Ayaskan

Studio Ayaskan's Growth plant pot expands with its occupant

Using the Japanese art of origami, London-based twin designers, Bike and Begum Ayaskan of Studio Ayaskan, designed a plant pot - fittingly named, "Growth" - that geniusly expands as a plant's root system grows.

Ma-ce-ta. Modular pots designed by product designer Miguel Angel García Belmonte of Pott.

Ma-ce-ta Modular Faceted Garden Pots by Pott

Ma-ce-ta Modular Faceted Garden Pots by Pott - Design Milk Create a modular garden with these faceted pots that fit together like a puzzle

As a long-time fan of anything made from LEGOs, I love the LEGO Planter built by Bob of TheBobBlog. Inspired by Science & Sons' Park Planter, Bob's version is a clever twist on the ceramic original...

Look! LEGO Park Planter