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Geisha with red obi and umbrella - amazing photo!

Al tempio c'è una poesia intitolata "la mancanza", incisa nella pietra. Ci sono tre parole, ma il poeta le ha cancellate. Non si può leggere la mancanza: solo avvertirla. (Memorie di una geisha)

'Memoirs of a Geisha' Costumes by Colleen Atwood. The time period is Japan.

Japan. Kimina, a geiko of Miyagawa-cho, Kyoto, in Purple | Flickr:

geiko (geisha) kimina from miyagawa-cho

I love this pic! ^^ I did a pointalism project of this in sharpie, turned out…


maiko Ayano of Pontocho Geisha Apprentice




Caressive Soul:In The Breath Of Blessings & Beauty

Memoirs of a Geisha (Drawing by~IK90 on deviantART)

my dream geisha tattoo!

Geisha from your nightmare

⍙ Pour la Tête ⍙ hats, couture headpieces and head art - Geisha-inspired

Ookini! : Photo - I can't believe this is a photo.. it's too incredible not to save as art..

This Insignificant Life — geisha-licious: Umewaka as maiko by WATASAN on.


Memoirs of a geisha, snow dance.

Destinos asiaticos http://vidaviajes.com/destinos-asiaticos/ #peinadosasiaticos

Maiko Kanachisa (now geiko) of Miyagawacho

Geisha or Maiko (geisha in training)

Probably, I think that she is not a geisha girl but "Maiko." As for her, on conditions, it is too young that the geisha girl has the completed art-entertainments. A severe long lesson is required to become a geisha girl.


Not quite a kimono, but certainly classes as costume art. :) ~ pinned by Rain Li

Beautiful korean woman or  geisha in kimono holding samurai sword near face

Beautiful geisha in kimono with samurai sword - Beautiful korean woman or geisha in kimono holding samurai sword near face