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¿Beber vino blanco puede ayudar a perder peso? | LIVESTRONG.COM en Español

¿Beber vino blanco puede ayudar a perder peso

Many dieters know that red wine consumption has been linked to lower cardiovascular risk and weight loss. Some evidence suggests that this benefit extends.

1. Automate Your Meals  Automate your eating by planning your meals ahead of time. That way you're less likely to make an unhealthy last-minute food choice.

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Look and feel 10 years younger: Get active more often

10 ways to look and feel 10 years younger

What Is Chicoric Acid? Stress is no match for chicoric acid. In this video, integrative medicine specialist Eva Selhub, MD, talks about the benefits of this antioxidant and what foods contain it.

Como evitar de ficar vermelho após o consumo de álcool. O consumo de bebidas fermentadas em comemorações e festividades é uma prática adotada por inúmeras culturas há milhares de anos. Com o passar do tempo, ocorrem mutilações na produção de enzimas, resultando na incapacidade de quebrar o álcool, e a pele fica vermelha. Para continuar apreciando a sua bebida alcoólica favorita sem ficar vermelho, você ...

Como evitar de ficar vermelho após o consumo de álcool

The Normal Heart Rate During a Panic Attack

The Normal Heart Rate During a Panic Attack

During a panic attack, also called an anxiety attack, you may notice that your heart is pounding very quickly. A normal heart rate is between 60 and

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A Swedish study published in the British Medical Journal has proven that taking 4000 IU of vitamin D per day for 12 months can significantly lower the risk for respiratory tract infection in people who are prone to such infections.

8 tips to help any night owl become a morning person

Become a Morning Person: 8 Tips from a Former Night Owl

There are natural cures for insomnia. What kind of insomnia do you have? What insomnia herbal remedies help? Not sleeping well is an issue; read about insomnia


Tendons are the connections between bone and muscle. Tendons are composed of dense fibrous connective tissues, have limited blood supply and are under.