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Cual Sera El Adoptado?

Guess which one is adopted… If one of my kinds had a super man shirt they would be disowned. But Superman aside, they are all adopted.

Why Spider Man can't go shopping (gif)

Funny pictures about Spider-Man's Ultimate Foe. Oh, and cool pics about Spider-Man's Ultimate Foe. Also, Spider-Man's Ultimate Foe.

Follow Him For Free Wi-Fi - Funny Memes

Just fr free wifi

I wonder what the code is... - Imgur

I wonder what the code is...

I am both Sherlock and Watson! I literally sat and stared at this image for a few seconds and deduced that the passcode was 0179 although the door was already open due to the green light. << This fandom

Valuable charts full of very true facts.

True Facts

Valuable charts full of very true facts. Yet the amount of time spent on this is hilarious!

Omg that's cruel but really funny!

Men will remain men. Trolling like a boss!

I laughed soooo hard! Strange that the girlfriend/wife didn't notice the change in her lover's voice, but that day he became her ideal man! :) Just wait until her friends hear about this.

Magical bag of winds - funny pictures

I'm ok.. omg so funny  "When someone asks you how life is going, say 'Just great, thanks' then show them these pictures:"

I'm ok

I am literally the last one. Just a sad potato

Lock box worthy fer sure.

And I'm still looking for a reason to take a picture of a sheep

Oh my gosh it's a sheep, that's definitely a picture I'd put in a secret box. or a picture of my dog :)

11011723_473982996093465_1321965482549120568_o.jpg (960×943)

On cooking: 26 Pictures That Pretty Much Sum Up The Human Experience