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Actuar es descreer. Pensar es errar. Sólo sentir es creencia y verdad. Nada existe fuera de nuestras sensaciones. Por eso actuar es traicionar nuestro pensamiento.

Street art is for all ages. Please, try to look beyond her age. Sometimes people get a kick out of the elderly doing things the young folks do- '' Oh, how cute. ''I wish our culture would not be so hung up on youth and beauty, but that is just how it is

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Einstein said it himself, "Love is the answer". Urban art seen in the streets of Paris, on or around Rue Etienne Marcel, reminding us of what is truly i. Love is the Answer

Delapa Thailand: รวมช็อตเด็ดหลุด ๆ ฮา ๆ ในงานแต่งงาน

Omg I can't believe people let here wear that on her wedding day! How mortifying. She also must be a huge slutty Mchoebag if she put that dress on and said "wow I look good in this thing, I think I'll wear it in a church!

Daily Duty par Cristina Guggeri : Queen Elizabeth

The Il Dovere Quotidiano series (The Daily duty) of Italian artist Cristina Guggeri, who through these funny pictures of the world leaders sitting on the toilet

Madriguera del duende

¡Seguí leyendo el Financial Times mi amor que yo cocino! does she have other interests than finance ? and probably not necessary to drop the exciting paper to show the re

arte in diretta

Arte in Diretta

"As your mind changes, your brain changes; and as your brain changes, your mind changes" Rick Hanson. How neuroplasticity can change your brain and life.

Open for Business!~Ha~♛

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