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This is an absolutely beautiful pic of white horses galloping through the ocean. I am reminded that when Roman generals proclaimed victory over a battle -- the symbol was to ride onto the battlefield on a white horse.

This is a sturdy horse, I love it!

Blue roan quarter horse stallion with a real horsehair tail, just not his own .

Sooo very true!

After all these years, my heart beat still quickens at the sight of a horse

Beautiful Chestnut Arabian Bathed in Sunlight.

The stature of the horse reminds me of me. Always bought I was built like a horse and this is the one.

True true I fell doing hurdles 2 times in front of my classmates and it was very very embarrassing and I hope God gives me the strength to pick myself up and keep going

Wine girl told me she was the best rider in the world because she never has fallen off yeah okayyyyyyy