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The Varginha incident, Brazil – The truth     In 1996 in the town of Varginhia, it is reported that a number of living aliens where captured following a UFO crash. Local residents claim the aliens roamed the streets of the town in the early hours of the 20th January, a number of which got rounded up and escorted away swiftly by the armed forces, aided by local firemen. Rumours suggest not all the aliens got captured, and some escaped to the near by jungle. Edward Snowden has confirmed the…

I've seen aliens like this crispy critter when serving our country as U. Navy Seabee in the early .They are real , they are here,and they have been here for awhile.

FOTOS REALES DE OVNIS 2012. ~ OVNIS - UFO Las grandes verdades del Mundo

FOTOS REALES DE OVNIS 2012. ~ OVNIS - UFO Las grandes verdades del Mundo

+ - O caso Billy Meier tem causado muita controvérsia desde que ele publicou suas impressionantes fotos de OVNIs, alegadamente pertencentes a seres das Plêiades, na década de 1970.  Desde então, muitos tentaram provar o caso como sendo uma fraude, mas outros defendem a causa de Meier ferrenhamente.  Veja abaixo mais uma pessoa que diz …

Target: A UFO photographed by Billy Meier near his home in Bachtelhornli, Switzerland, in March Target Cue: Describe the most important aspects of this beamship, including its pilot, at the i…


UFO robó agua desde una base militar en Argentina

UFO Sighting, an Unidentified Flying Object in the sky over Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia

We are always complaining about the bad quality of UFO images. They are always out of focus or shakey etc. Now someone has come forward with a reasonably good photo and our first instinct is to not believe it because it is too good. It looks like car park lighting with the pole erased. Really it could be anything. Even if there was an alien waving from it... don't know. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absense. KCMB Official Kansas City News: UFO Sightings Kansas City

Sirius quad craft hovering over a lively soccer game in Saskatchewan park.