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Miley always wore cute outfits before she started wearing as little as possible. I love her though so no hate. I love her music tho

Miley & Her Man Liam Hemsworth - her outfit and glasses - WTF? Seriously, could her shirt be tucked in any tighter? Not too mention that is NOT the right way to wear a colored bra under a white shirt!!  Sorry Miley, WTF? Liam - so cute!

Megan & Brian: Baby Steps

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth skateboarding - Celebrity Pictures - Celebrity Pictures

Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations: Before and After (PHOTOS)

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Miley Cyrus... I've been obsessed with her since she was Hannah Montana lmao

Abs-Fab! Miley Cyrus shows off her Pilates-honed figure as she leaves her favourite class in a tiny crop top

Cutting gluten won't help you drop pounds - and could even cause weight GAIN: Experts' backlash over Miley Cyrus's endorsement of restrictive diet. Unless of course you're allergic to it, or have a thyroid problem

Miley Cyrus Style 2012 | The Fashion Breakfast: Miley Cyrus: street style

“Miley Cyrus-My doll Street Style grunge chicness always on high👌💗💗💗💗”