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Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional song based on Lord Hanuman as the model devotee. It is a poem written by Tulsidas.<br>Its a tribute to Lord Hanuman on the day of Hanuman Jayanthi.





श्रीनीलताराधिपाय नमः |  नमामि सद्गुरुं शान्तं शङ्करं शिष्यशङ्करम् | चिन्मुद्रानन्दसन्दोहं प्रकाशमयविग्रहम् ||  दिव्याम्बराङ्किततनुं मिहिराग्निचन्द्र- नेत्रां सुधांशुमुकुटां हिमसन्निभाभाम् | श्रीचक्रराजनिलयाञ्चितपादपीठां ब्रह्मेशविष्णुनमितां त्रिपुरां भजेऽहम् || Kubera Lakshmi

Lakshmi kubera blesses their devotees with wealth. Pooja for them on the special occasion like diwali helps to raise the wealth status and spreads peace.

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Parvati is the Hindu Goddess of love and devotion.

Hindu Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati is a well known goddess in the Hindu mythology. Goddess Parvati is the divine consort of Lord Shiva, the trinity god.

Hanuman and Sri Ram get along.

A judge in India has summoned two Hindu gods, Ram and Hanuman, to help resolve a property dispute. Judge Sunil Kumar Singh in the eastern state of Jharkhand has issued adverts in newspapers asking the gods to appear before the court personally.

RADHA KRISHNA                                                                                                                                                                                 Más                                                                                                                                                                                 More

RADHA KRISHNA made sure Kali Demon was a myth, never to exist again or coul dnever have children or was just a drawing for something. No Kali Demon, No Kali Goddess ever!


☀ SHRI HANUMAN ॐ ☀ “Those persons who always chant “Shri Ram”, “Shri Ram”, without any doubt would get victory as well as salvation and happiness.