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Psychedelic Andy Warhol - Find it at Target this weekend...what?! I dont believe it.

75-cent Warhols — Campbell’s to introduce Warhol-inspired soup cans

Pop Art like that of Andy Warhol is an art movement that took hold in Britain and the US during the that would challenge traditional art by incorporating pop culture against various, random backdrops. It is sort of like a rejuvenated form of Dadaism.

Andy Warhol Pop Art, Famous Artists

Campbells Soup Pink - Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol - Campbell's Soup Can (Tomato/Pink) [?] from Laurentius a wonderful collection of art.

Warhol & Colors

IMAGE SAMPLE for ideas for foam plate printing pop art food - print with bright colours on bright paper

Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) fue el fundador del movimiento Pop Art, él era un artista plástico neoyorkino.

Campbell's Soup I, 1968

Campbell soup by Andy Warhol 1968 Created to show how icons such as these become art Pop art The theme is pop culture.

James Dean + Andy Warhol on Behance

Very powerful icon within the movie industry, known for 'wooing' the women within the decade; the use of subtle tone that Warhol uses on the side of his face changes the picture well, comparing to the Michael Jackson on