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Efemérides :: 13 de julio El asedio de San Juan de Acre (11891191) fue la primera gran contienda de la Tercera Cruzada. 1191. Los ejércitos de la Tercera Cruzada toman San Juan de Acre. 1501. La expedición marítima de Alvares Cabral regresa a Lisboa después de haber descubierto Brasil y visitado la India. 1527. Nace John Dee científico inglés. 1558. Las fuerzas españolas derrotan a las francesas en la batalla de Gravelinas en el norte de Francia. 1590. Nace Clemente X papa católico. 1713…

Efemérides :: 13 de julio

The Battle of Arsuf 1191 (the crusade). Richard the Lionheart fought against Saladin and won, despite the fact his army was much more weaker than the Saladin´s.

Evolution of the Castle

The evolution of the castles in the Iron Age period that arose from the walled, fortified confines of the medieval villages to ward off the invading attackers of old.

Cutaway picture of a Viking house:

Cutaway picture of a Viking house. Previous pinner wrote: The door is in the wrong place, for a typical Viking longhouse the door should be off centre on one of the long walls.

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A cutaway reconstruction drawing of the keep in about 1180, showing the tower’s three principal chambers

Conisborough Castle: A cutaway reconstruction drawing of the keep in about showing the tower’s three principal chambers © English Heritage (drawing by Peter Urmston)

The Third Crusade: Richard The Lionheart - Siege of Jerusalem 1099

The Jerusalem Conquest of in the Medieval Arabic Historiography of the Crusades: From Regional Plurality to Islamic Narrative

Windmill. Flemish 1338-44 detail.

“One final image of a miller from Oxford Bodleian Bodley Romance of Alexander.

First Crusade - 1095 - 1099

First Crusade

The First Crusade was launched in 1095 and the Holy Land from Muslims and freeing the Eastern.