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I'm Not Lapis Anymore by orchidtheartist

Some SU frank from yours truly Lapis Lazuli is Rebecca Sugar's character I'm Not Lapis Anymore

Pearl by KyouKaraa.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Pearl by KyouKaraa [Smiling in water/pond/lake with bird and wavy hair fanart]

BRO LOOK AT THAT WATER SO DETAILED AND WATERY BROOOO http://fruitegg.tumblr.com/post/143728321200

im sure you dont need me to tell you this but that song what goes “where r u now, under the sea” is very lapis/malachite

Lapis I love you!!  {Lapis Lazuli Fanart}

Goddess-style Lapas from Steven Universe photo courtesy of Sunset Dragon

Resultado de imagen de steven universe lapis lazuli

idk-kun: “ fiddling around w/ Lapis’ dress design also here’s the drawing process: ”

It's too bad they made Lapis from such an interesting and complicated character to a dull and oversaturated stereotypical "blah".

Steven Universe, Lapis

There's a constellation in there, do you know what it is? ~ * ~ * ~ UPDATE: So I guess this was a bad idea to not mention the constellation.