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-grite como nunca pensé que lo haría-

-grite como nunca pensé que lo haría-

Tags: Anime, Sunglasses, Embarrassed, Laughing, Lie On Top Of Each Other, Tickle, Orange Skin

Okay can we all agree on how cute Davesprite is ^.^ I don't ship Pepsi cola though but davesprite was way to cute

413_2015 - and so I guess here we are this year too 8′) Art by http://ikimaru.tumblr.com/

Another lovely work done by the wonderful ikimaru ^u^ //this is just really touching, because Dave and Dirk are staring RIGHT AT EACH OTHER, REALLY LOVINGLY, and you can really see the relationships the beta kids have with the alphas

innocent love by noodle-doodle.deviantart.com on @deviantART

full view plz well i think you can guess what my otp is innocent love