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Gareh-ban Village - Hersin - Kermanshah, Iran (in Persian: روستای گره بان - از توابع شهرستان هرسین - در نزدیکی کرمانشاه - (یکی از مکانهای مذهبی پیروان اهل حق یا یارسان است و آن گروه از یارسان که سر سپرده سادات مششعی هستند برای نیاز به اینجا میآیند. این مکان یک مجموعه زیارتی سیاحتی است که در گلزارهای آن گلهای فرحبخشی پرورش داده میشود که این اوآخر تبدیل به گلابی ناب میشود که بسیار از گلاب قمصر با کیفیت تر است و به فرانسه صادر میشود )

Gareh-ban Village - Hersin - Kermanshah, Iran (in Persian)


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YAZD - IRAN ~ For the chance to see some truly exquisite traditional Iranian mud brick buildings in a serene isolated town with deserts either side, take a trip to the Old City of Yazd.


A little greenhouse adds a gorgeous and practical element to this small outdoor space. The balcony still has space for sitting and relaxing in addition to space for this greenhouse!

BEAUTIFUL - Qom- IRAN by  Gelareh Tahmasebi  on G+

touba: Main court of the Theological College of the Mother of the Shah as seen from an archway (Isfahan, Iran; photo by Roger Wood,

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Jardin Majorelle, created in the 1920s by French painter Louis Majorelle and later owned by Yves Saint Laurent

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archway with pots - the painted pots really make the color of the flowers pop!

Love the look of the potted plants arched over the arch of the window opening. Arch and Flowers, Cordoba, Spain.