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Me falta la cartera gris!!!

Dressing Your Truth Type LOVE the blue & grey. Detail in the jeans is nice. Love love love the simple shirt with he necklace.

I don't like the boots, but the rest I am into

boots with the dress with the jean jacket. I always have a hard one finding outfits for jean jackets

Petrol & Greige !

Casual Fall Outfit With Brown Cardigan,Lace Scarf and Casual Jeans. The purse colors are nice

'Soft Pink,Grey,& Jeans' - really like these shoes!

The heels would have to be cited as the cause of death in my obit, but the rest of the outfit is wonderful! "soft pink-jeans and heels"

Красивая кофта

Love this grey top! It's a great outfit! Teal jeans, grey, stylish long sleeve top, matching grey heels and matching teal and grey accessories