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De par en par...

De par en par...


gone the sun".but the daisies are still awake and looking pretty in the light of a lantern.

The Great Gatsby | "I wish I'd done everything on earth with you, " Daisy Buchanan

13 Pinterest-Famous Celebrity Quotes That Are Totally Fake

sadly, I feel like this quite often. especially when it's raining all the time.

You got out of bed. You got dressed. You got out of the front door. These may seem like small things but when you are low or depressed or at war with your mind these small things are achievements. So I'm just telling you, well done.

Desde que algo se piensa y se proyecta hasta que se realiza, transcurren una serie de pasos que hay que cubrir, es decir, hay un trecho. En cualquier tipo de tarea, la ilusión que causa la idea primera debe someterse al trabajo que se precisa para su realización.

Del dicho al hecho, hay mucho trecho. (Proverb) Easier said than done. from words to action is a long way

Want something you've never had?   Do something you've never done!   There's a thought!

RCGNTN: Singapore - link to online magazine of new young Singaporean artists