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The library – the largest monastic library in the world – at Admont Benedictine Monastery in Austria. The library hall, built in 1776 and designed by architect Joseph Hüber,

Admont Benedictine Monastery in Austria. Library has seven cupolas and frescoes showing the stages of human knowledge up to the high point of Divine Revelation.


Austrian National Library - Vienna, Austria The Austrian National Library, is, with million items in its collections, the largest library in Austria. It is located in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

Majestic libraries of the world, this one is Biblioteca Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Majestic libraries of the world - Biblioteca Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

I don't know where this is, but I want to go there, and sit on top of that one set of shelves going across the room.

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Though they are losing ground to the e-book and the audio book, libraries were once central hubs of human intellectual progress. There’s something about them that still attracts people, however – whether it’s their magnificent architecture or the unmistakable smell of books and dust, scholars and dreamers alike still enjoy perusing their hoards of literary …

45+ Of The Most Majestic Libraries In The World

The research library at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch.

George Lucas’s library at Skywalker Ranch, a company retreat in Marin County, California. I already loved George Lucas for his movies, now I love his library too

PEABODY LIBRARY Where: Baltimore  The Peabody Library in Baltimore is known for its beautiful reading room with high vaulted ceilings and cast-iron balconies. The columns, capitals, balconies, railings, and even the ceiling are all made of iron, decorated with gold flourishes. Noted Baltimore architect Edmund Lind designed the library for Johns Hopkins University with funds from philanthropist George Peabody.

World’s 20 Most Stunning Libraries

Photograph by MATTHEW PETROFF The George Peabody Library is the century research library of The Johns Hopkins University. It is located on the Peabody campus at Mount Vernon Place in Ba…

25 biblioteche pubbliche da far girar la testa -

Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" Library, Iasi, Romania - one of the world's most beautiful

View On Black   Follow me here, too! Google+   |    Facebook     |     Twitter     |     Tumblr  Can't seem to remember that obscure court ruling?  Not sure about a specific law on the books in Iowa?  Look no further than the second floor of the Iowa State Capitol.  This is the Iowa State Law library.  It's main feature (besides hundreds of thousands of books) is a pair of spiral staircases on the North and South ends of the library.  The rest of the library is finished in beautiful m...

State Capitol Law Library - Des Moines, Iowa, USA The Iowa State Capitol's Law Library is home to spiral staircases, mosaic tiles, rich woods and dazzling light fixtures.

Rio de Janeiro

45+ Of The Most Majestic Libraries In The World

Biblioteca Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - 25 Majestic Libraries from around the world