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Psalm 90:1, 2 90 O Jehovah, you have been our dwelling place*+ throughout all generations.  2 Before the mountains were born Or you brought forth* the earth and the productive land,+ From everlasting to everlasting,* you are God. The word “beginning” in John 1:1 cannot refer to the “beginning” of God the Creator, for he is eternal, having no beginning. (Ps 90:2)

If people looked at the stars each night, they’d live a lot whedifferently n you look into infinity you realze that there are more important things that what people do all day - Love of Life Quotes

lohrien: “Illustrations by Erisiar dA l tumblr l shop ” :) !!

culturenlifestyle: “Stunning Surreal Skyscape Illuminated With Galactic Colors The celestial art featured by artist Erisiar features stunning skyscapes that threaten to spill open with radiant colors.

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RUN TO HIM  If you are going to get your upgrade and go to the next level, you cannot rebel against God in your wilderness experience – which is easy to do as the wilderness is hard! If you’re like me, you get tempted to run away from God.

Free margins and restraints from your existence.

Smartphones + holograms = awesome. A California company wants to bring holograms to your digital devices.

Forget touchscreens, 3D holographic displays are coming

Ostendo Technologies is a startup located in Carlsbad that has been doing some truly cutting edge work in hologram technology.

A History of Graphic Design: Chapter 60: Posters in Social Protests

Creative Resistance Art Activism: Art reaches people at deeper emotional levels, conveying what cannot be said with mere facts

Patema Inverted release date set for November 9 in Japan - http://sgcafe.com/2013/07/inverted-patema-release-date-set-key-visual/

The first anime movie I saw. The girl falls.