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¿Sabes cómo ven los bebés?

¿Sabes cómo ven los bebés?

Research suggests that accumulation of the plaque forming amyloid-beta protein is crucial for development of Alzheimer’s. And not only the quantity of amyloid-beta peptides, but also the quality is critical for initiation of Alzheimer’s.    An imbalance

How Your Brain Ages Infographic

We've published quite a few infographics about your brain. Today we have one about the aging of your brain. It's no surprise that our brains change as we age; however, new studies report that mental…

How-to: tackle your biggest ageing issue without surgery.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, Thailand and the rate at which it has advanced in recent years; the fact that it has become such a quick and easy fix for body flaws and rejuvenation makes it big, big business in countries all over the world.

o olhar é a linguagem do coração.

The Natural Look This fun eyeliner style is completely natural. That might not seem very fun, but the thing is that you can dress up this style

Los ojos son el punto donde se mezclan alma y cuerpo.  Farmagoing

Los ojos son el punto donde se mezclan alma y cuerpo. Farmagoing

6 Natural Treatments for Macular Degeneration- DrAxe.com

Macular Degeneration Symptoms + 6 Natural Treatments

Blefaritis, ¿qué es?

Blefaritis, ¿qué es?