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CyberWolf, Illustrations  by Christopher...

CyberWolf, Illustrations by Christopher...

mirkokosmos:  by Paul Lasaine

This work by Paul Lasaine captures the metropolis on the water painted by its bright lights. Megastructures dwarf what the big city was and speak to massively centralized power.

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ArtStation - Conceptual Architecture Design, James Paick To look: Creative theme - Future, sci-fi archi Painting technique

The city that never sleeps

The city sat in silence waiting, praying not to hear the bombs, hoping that the council made the best decision on their behalf. The city had a cold chill flowing through it as the deadline drew nea…

Mining station anomaly by GG-arts

Giorgio Grecu is a freelance concept artist and illustrator currently based in London, United Kingdom. Grecu has worked on video game titles such as K