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A NASA camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite captures the entire sunlit side of Earth from one million miles away on July

I guess I never need to upgrade my PC again!   Via @reddit  #MakeUseOf #Technology #funny #pc #nasa #space

I guess I never need to upgrade my PC again!

The moons rotation is about 27 days, same as its orbit around the Earth.   If the moon didn't rotate in geosynchronous relation to its orbit we would see its rotation on earth.  You can validate this with two balls. The position of the earth seen on the moon does not change much.  Details can be found at this link ->  http://starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/StarChild/questions/question58.html

So, the Moon is not flat. You can see that the landing site is not on the center point of the Moon visible side. The curvate (yet again) cause the Earth to look so near to the Horizon. The picture is zoomed too.

According to some flat earthers they are to far away to be seen.if they existed of course.

What the heck NASA ?!

Explanation: When round objects are flattened down, it distorts them. Take a fucking geometry class and sit down son,

Sorry for the curse word but this "Space vehicle" is a joke. A very unfunny joke. I did not make this pin and except for the cursing I agree.

I've rarely encountered such a group of illiterate, ignorant twunts who clearly couldn't get through basic arithmetic or high school science, let alone advanced math and physics.

Corrupting our common sense is why they push entertainment, sports, religion, politics and materialism. You have to let it all go in order for spiritual evolution to re-commence

Logic people use your heads an think for yourself dont let made up government agency's do it for you

The Moon ftom USA & Australia at the same time. One is bigger & in daylight, the other pic is smaller & farther away & at night

Spheres are well known to be very poor reflectors of light. Yet the Full Moon is fully lit from edge-to-edge.. hmmm  weird huh? #ResearchFlatEarth

You know how the moon is sometimes a crescent, and sometimes a circle? It's because of this very phenomenon. The angle the sun hits the moon changes and you can see more or less shadow depending on what part of the cycle the moon is in.