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Thanks, Mark, for making me feel loved when all I felt was abandoned, just…

Pin this if you are apart of the Markiplier family.<---- Awww~~ Nosotros somos familia :D

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Mark through the years - Oh my word, his Asian-ness pops out A LOT in the second and sixth picture :D

This happened to me during one of my college classes; I mentioned Mark to my friend, and this guy in front of me was like: 'DID YOU SAY MARKIPLIER?'

When you hear strangers talking about MARKIPLIER me *smiles* then you hear that they ship septiplier me * We are gonna be best friends for life *

I love him he is the best part of my day. He makes me laugh and makes me cry but I love him all in all.

I would rather have had one breath of your hair, one kiss from your mouth, one touch of your hand, than go through an eternity without.

Jack is at the top, Mark right next to him, Dan and Phil are below and next to Jack, Rhett and Link below them, Then it's Felix and Marzia, and Matthias at teh bottom.

That's jacksepticeye markiplier Dan and Phil Rhett link pewdiepie and I think the girl is mariza and the last is Matthias

YT: I will see you next time... by Kiwa007 on DeviantArt

SPEEDPAINT no blood, cuz i'm a lazy ass sorry~ (plus it's a bit sloppy)>>> dis iz gud

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Pewds in Gryffindor, Mo in Ravenclaw, Mark in Hufflepuff and ofc Jack in Slytherin

can you please stop jacking around? by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk on DeviantArt

can you please stop jacking around? by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk on DeviantArt<<< I love the look Mark gives him 😂 "during story time Jack, really!

Inside the mind of Jacksepticeye HAHAHA

I don’t remember this it seems like a marki thing to say butttt knowing how much he despises septiplier I just don’t know. Regardless wtf mark lol


Markiplier - King of the Squirrels (without text) iPhone 7 Cases