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"Bat Girl" print by Lora Zombie

Works by Lora Zombie and Sandra Chevrier: In that less gratuitously violent time, the characters of Marvel and DC duked it out in fist fights with their foes, onomatopoeic sound effects ringing out through page-splitting lettering as each blow landed.

avatar le dernier maitre de l air : Toph

Avatar: The Last Airbender Toph Bei Fong - my FAVORITE character on the show. If I were a bender, I would be an earth bender.

Alex Maleev

Alex Maleev Batman, in aric shapiro's Alex Maleev Comic Art Gallery Room

Avatar the last airbender characters on Shoulders! by erinxf.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I love how Sokka is sitting there staring at a piece of paper on Toph's head. Even when holding people, Sokka will never stop his relentless planning. And the there's……CABBAGE GUY!

the poison ivy and black widow ones... I'm gay..

Melissa Smith's Superhero Splatter Art - For a moment I thought Thor was Hawkgirl and then I had some more coffee. But Captain America is AMAZING. <--- love that comment too