pen and ink drawings of trees...Claudia Nice

Drawings of Trees

Video on two point perspective. Great instruction.

Draw in Two Point Perspective

Alphonso Dunn - YouTube

This tutorial provides pencil and pen and ink drawing tips and techniques on how to draw sea shells. Basic forms and the line of balance is used to make the .

Line Art, a Look at the History of a Visual Arts, from Line Drawing to Op Art

Art History: What is Line Art?

continuous line contour drawing technique. Drawing a face from a life model, start at the nose, and draw the entire face and neck without lifting the pen. Contour drawings should be slow and careful.

How To Draw A Tree: Narrated step by step

In this video, I want to show my viewers a simple landscape with a tree as a highlight. In my later videos I will explain how to draw trees, houses and how t.

How to draw a tree tutorial

How To Draw A Tree: Step by step tutorial with photos showing how to draw seven different trees.