She has a tattoo in every place I want one. her arm (bicep and. front elbow) and curving under her breast.also she's super hot

While getting inked an inspirational saying or quote never loses its popularity, one word tattoos are also one of the timeless tattoo trends.

we're all mad here - beautycrush

Next will be the word Wanderlust on my arm or collar bone maybe even foot or ankle don't have much room left with well over 12 tattoos stopped counting at 12

Wrist bird tattoo :)

Bird tattoos are one of the sweetest and loved tattoo designs, because of its meanings and the beauty when it is inked on the body. There are different birds which carry different messages depending on the placement. Bird tattoo that is inked on the arm o

Solo los apreciarán los apasionados del viajar

20 tatuajes que todo trotamundo querrá tener en su cuerpo