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Fácil de hacer pero dificil de mantener ;)

The reality star Lauren Conrad has tie-dyed the tips of her hair! As seen above on the left, she did a hybrid dip dye/tie dye hair color c.

hair style for medium hair

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5 easy long hairstyles idea to look sexy and beautiful and be the object of discussion in any occasion, choose the best style for you. can you see any women who do not like long hairstyle. Having long hair seems a kind of pride for any woman.

kool-aid hair dye!

How to Dip Dye Hair Temporarily. This year the hair trend does seem to be having 'dip-dyed' hair, where the last few inches of your hair are a different colour to your main hair colour. This guide is for anyone who wants to change their.

Blonde Hair On Top Dark Hair Under crimson red with four different blonds black and carmel on topI want my hair to look like this!

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I love this red and blonde hair combo!it's official when i dye my hair back blonde i am getting bright red peak a boo highlights in it! I don't want that much in my hair but maybe the underneath part

Red hair!! - I like this colour. Maybe when I get thin

sometimes i wish my hair were red. love her hair color Braided Bangs and Long Hair. I want my long hair back! Love the hair down! Her hair.

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Inspiring image blonde, curly hair, hair, long hair - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

blue tips with brunette...Thinking about this for summer time....

I think I want to dip dye my hair. hmmm what do you think? i figure my hair is so long that when im sick of it i can just chop it off : )

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yes--wish I could do this but I wouldn't have a job

I can't resist- I want my tips done. Psh the fact I'm going through a faze where i want to dye my hair all the time, makes me wanna do this

I can do that with my Mom's and sister's hair they have dark brown I have blond hair....

Rainbow dip dyed hair If I can't find a professional to do it, maybe I can get a girlfriend to help! I want this in teal, purple and royal.

Hair growth treatments, I need to try these!

7 recipes for homemade hair growth treatments - this whole site has some awesome tips and tricks for hair, makeup and everything else

The (Sometimes) Glam Mom: Chelsea Houska Hair How-To

The Glam Mom: Chelsea Houska Hair How-To. I love her hair \\ Wtf, ugly fake hair and mega duckface