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Lágrimas y risas

This is a funny thread, please share your jokes in Comment section. "A group of artists are invited for dinner by a famous chef. In greeting the photograph

.two old ladies people drinking..and having fun.

All older people should have the chance to lead full, active and productive lives!

Laughter Yoga  ~Laugh because you can!  Laugh so your body feels it!

Laughter Yoga ~Laugh because you can! Laugh so your body feels it!

Pro tips for posting subjects in group portrait photography | Popular Photography | Popular Photography

Tips from the Pros: Posing Subjects for Group Portrait Photography

Professional Teeth Cleaning in Melbourne and its Health Benefits

The procedure of professional teeth cleaning leaves all teeth surfaces clean and smooth so that harmful bacteria won’t stick to them.

Portrait of Steve Groves, chief executive of Partnership who came first in the Sunday Times list of private equity companies with the fastest growing profits.

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Lie to me.  Check out my website at:

Lie to me Tv show is really great. I only do not like this black man because he is so annoying and thinks he knows the best.

Not clothing, exactly, but I'm increasingly drawn to the idea of a personal stylist, to help me sourse the stuff I need.  Example: Hilary Rushford, from Dean Street Society, in New York.

Hilary Rushford / Dean Street Society constantly inspires me with her seamless sharing as both a personal stylist and brand mentor