Angeles & Demonios

Guangjian Huang - Angel vs Demon(Supposed to be Angel Vs. Demon, but I figure according to the Underworld, this would be Demon Vs.

"Cold Hands" from A Song of Ice And Fire series by Kai Huang

Lucifer Rising by Kirsi Salonen

When Satan fell from Heaven he did not fall alone. He took with him a portion of the angelic host of Heaven who participated in his rebellion

Legend of the Cryptids character concept by choi keun hoon

Artist: Choi Keun Hoon aka ddddak - Title: Applibot Inc - Card: Gereon, Dragon of Darkness (Ruckus)

Gran emperador de los abismos

Creature Spot - The Spot for Creature Art, Artists and Fans - Darkness Cult Emperor


Dead Beats for Spiral Direct by *yigitkoroglu on deviantART

Raymond Swanland

Black Company: Books of the South by Glen Cook, cover art -- Artist: Raymond Swanland

Creative Digital Illustrations by Wang Ling

Passer by Wang Ling is a digital artist, also an IC engineer who’s currently living in Hong Kong. Kiss good bye Hunt Twins God of death Judge Surprise Quiet Angel View the… Continue Reading →