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Thilbo darks

//Keep Calm and Ship Bagginshield. Also, the image at the bottom is in no way suggestive at all.

Thilbo Bagginshield +Child Frodo...pinning for child Frodo

Thilbo Bagginshield +Child Frodo I don't ship it but.

Bagginshield:: Seeing you again by ~caylren on deviantART -cries like a bitch- Nope

Bagginshield:: Seeing you again by ~caylren on deviantART <-- I don't ship Bagginshield, but this just came seriously close to making me cry.

ok my feels have broke

sad and sweet. Bilbo tells the hobbit children the story of his adventures so Thorin, Fili, Kili and all those who passed would be remembered <<< as fans, we can do this too, and then the Tolkien fandom will never die.

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AKA how to get a hobbit to marry a dwarf: An Idiots How to Guide

giggles X3 "W- what?" bagginshield thorin x bilbo

" bagginshield thorin x bilbo -bilbo looks soooo cute in this one pic ^^

Mr. Rabbit Baggins by ~Zashache on deviantART

Rabbit Baggins by Zashache on DeviantArt - lol Thilbo Baggenshield

Haha I laughed at that part in the movie

Boggins XD Kili and Fili - my two favourite dwarves