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Awesome "Graffitrees": Graffiti with Actual Trees, Afro Taino by Gabriel Abreu in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic

Adventures of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, street art…

Yet another entrance to Narnia! Every morning just before I open my closet door, I entertain a (now) not-so-secret hope. Narnia Graffiti in Vancouver, Canada.

C215: El “Banksy” francés. « Cultura Colectiva

C215: El "Banksy" francés.

Beautiful Street Art by street artist A number of jaw-dropping stencil works from the past few months by French artist Christian Guémy aka seen on the streets of Barcelona and Berlin. has been an active street artist for over 20 years.

Street Art

Street Art

Funny pictures about Clever Street Art. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Street Art. Also, Clever Street Art photos.

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11 escenarios 3D hechos con tiza que te derretirán el cerebro

Stunning Street Art (Paintings) - "Mysterious Cave" - by Edgar Mueller. You don’t have to travel around around the world exploring mysterious caves – somtimes they are just under you. (via Edgar Mueller)

importance-idle:  the importance of being idle ☮

Home Sweet Home derelict room interior. Spray painted lamp, television set and fish tank. Occupied (watercolor on paper, by Jason Rowles. Click the image to read more about Jason, who's featured in Watercolor Artist magazine.

arte callejero - voragine

Megapost Arte callejero en 3D historia,comienzo,muchas fotos

Urban Street Art...

Urban Street Art...

Pinner wrote: That third one down. that piece (the original at least) was the first artwork we looked at in my very first art history class. Art started as paint on the walls. (I wish I could see these art pieces in person.


Asian paints - Mumbai via Manfred Stader street art Street Art – Incredible and Graffiti Artwork Illusion Drawings by Ramon Bruin.

JULIETA XLF, arte urbano Fanzara, Valencia, Digerible                                                                                                                                                      Más

JULIETA XLF, arte urbano Fanzara, Valencia, Digerible Más