Free Furry Fairies Christmas Ornament Knitting Patterns

Free Furry Fairies Christmas Ornament Knitting Patterns

These knitted Furry Fairies look so amazing. They are knitted with free Ornament Knitting Patterns.

Furry Fairies**Free!

Furry Fairies -Free knitting pattern from Alan Dart. Website full of amazing knitting patterns for a variety of toys. Most patterns cost about but these beautiful mice are free!

This Rabbit Rascals knitting pattern set includes instructions for 10 little bunnies that only require a little bit of yarn - perfect for Easter knitting. Find the pattern by Dollytime at LoveKnitting.

Rabbit Rascals

The pattern contains instructions for RABBIT RASCALS - 10 cute little bunnies that are fun to make and only require small amounts of yarn. The yarns below are sufficient to make Dusty and Candy - choose other shades for their friends.

********************************************************************************** This is a PDF knitting pattern - NOT the finished toy in the photos! ********************************************************************************** Please meet Pablo, the Serious Cat! Pablo is a serious guy. He is a banker counting his and his investors’ money all day long. He is very good at it – just look at his paws! He can even multiply 3 digit numbers in his mind!!! He is also very good at budgeting…

Toy cat knitting pattern - Pablo the Serious Cat /animal knitting pattern /knitted toy /knitting pattern toy /knitted cat

Free 20 Minute Mouse pattern by Sara Hall ...there is something a bit disturbing about this...but would make a good cat toy...

20 Minute Mouse by Sara Hall. This mouse has been tested and pronounced “catproof” ie, it shouldn’t come to pieces with even the most ferocious catnip addict!

Bronnie                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Price: plus postage Bronnie is hand knitted from one strand of Rowan Kidsilk Haze kid mohair, silk) interwoven with one of Shilasdair luxury DK Cashmere, Baby Camel, Angora and British Merino Lambswool ).