Dragon Knight by fighter paladin soldier broad sword plaemail scale armor clothes clothing fashion player character

Stack é um líder revolucionário que foi responsável pela Revolução de Maredin, de Hara e Gondor. Professor de Casimyr há 4 anos, é considerado um perigoso terrorista no Norte e no Sul de Vellor e recentemente começou a atuar em Vellare.

Stunning Kingdom Under Fire II fan Art by Young-june Choi. Young-june is a Concept Artist based in Songnam, Kyonggi-do, Korea, South. Kingdom Under Fire II is an upcoming real-time strategy video game developed by Blueside.

Rogue by NeexSethe on DeviantArt

A Grimthief, using Shadow Magick, having created shadow armour and blade, summoning shadow magick in a pure form in order to hurl at opponents.

m Fighter Plate Sword Don't raise your arms! You have so much to live for! You've discovered how to conquer gravity with that cloak for one thing!

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love the dystopian feel and costume of the character concept

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Кристиан де Тайлер

Hubert de Varkoorg, young man who is hero of every men, sacrificed himself in order to fight with dragon lords alone. He raised small army and fought inside depths of dwarven fortresses to save many people.