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Proyectos de sus alumnos

Proyectos de sus alumnos

Vintage Toliet Paper Ad

Ya got yourself some humorous memes, vintage pictures, inspirational sarcasm & some plum inasane nuttiness.

Jenny on the Job - Keeps fresh as a daisy. "Jenny on the Job" series -- the blond, blue-eyed, model war production worker. She offers an example to other women, probably new to industrial jobs, on working safely and efficiently, doing her best to help the war effort. The government encouraged entry of women into the workforce, replacing men fighting overseas. Eight posters issued 1943 by the US Public Health Services. The artist was Kula Robbins

Resource guide to World War posters in the Government Documents collection at Milner Library. Posters issued by US Public Health Services in 1943

... Cataract Washer Electric 1920 Women Washing Window Curtains (Image1

... Cataract Washer Electric 1920 Women Washing Window Curtains (Image1

Kohler advert, 1940s. I like the use of rounded corner shelves to the side of the big mirror.

Kohler Bathroom Fixtures Mother Daughter Art - grey, yellow and green combination


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