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Image by Brooke Shaden. I don't exactly know why I love this image. But my eye was instantly drawn to it and the black liquid. I suppose because the liquid reminds me of blood, which is kind of scary, that she's bleeding so much.

critical; I chose this because critical means expressing adverse or disapproving comments or judgments and this picture reminds me of someone who would feel restricted or tied back. this one made me feel some type of way.

“This is how the heart sounds. Do not change the melody, this now, you and I, here together. Let this being with each other be heart-sound.


albino model Kriss Balch in The Project 'Creamy Beauty of Albinism' by Igor Klepnev – *Igor Klepnev is a Russian fashion photographer, Moscow.

♥    ♥

etched into her skin was an intricate design but instead of the scars being a dull reddish color they were metallic .

You got: Too Pure for This World Like an unsullied lamb snuggled in virgin ivory wool, you pitter-patter across this scorched earth, innocent of all its sin, devoid of any darkness within. Your beautiful soul is of an unparalleled delicacy and so you often feel alienated by your perfection. But we love you no matter what, lamby. So feel free to roll in the mud with us sometime. http://denicedenice.tumblr.com/post/28704905990

This Colorful Shape Test Will Determine Your Personality

Her skin was as soft as an autumn mist. covering the graceful, perfect curves of her. and how I longed to live in the vapors of her veil all my days.


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