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absolutely not a thing but beautiful young girl. what a fantastic photo, captures her beautifully Lendrimaliguda, Mali People (by FO Travel)

Этнический состав Африки чрезвычайно сложен. По приблизительным подсчетам, на континенте живет примерно 50 наций и народностей и 3 тысячи различных племен, говорящих на тысяче языках. На Африканском континенте 107 этносов, насчитывают более 1 млн. человек каждый и составляют 86,2% всего населения. Численность 24 народов превышает 5 млн. чел., и они составляют 55% населения Африки.

Portrait of a Turkana woman near Marich Pass, Lake Turkana Basin Photo by Rita Willaert

Children of the World ~

amaia-jenin: Purify your eyes, and see the pure world. Your life will fill with radiant forms. - Rumi what a beautiful young girl. Those eyes


Cute flower Hmong baby spends his morning on his mother's back. The Hmong people ( Miao ) migrated from China To Vietnam and Laos.

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Happy boys in Ethiopia;   If this doesn't make you smile......

So many smiling faces. There's always something to smile about, to laugh about. Never wipe your grin from your face!

Adolescenza d'Africa. Bellissima.

little girl in sanga, pays dogon (anthony pappone photography) Tags: africa travel girl niger canon westafrica afrika littlegirl mali dogon paysdogon bozo afrique sahel bandiagara bambara sanga tireli africantribe

"A alegria evita mil males e prolonga a vida." William Shakespeare

Have you ever noticed the look of sheer joy, peace, and innocence on the faces of laughing children?

Children, Nepal

Children, Nepal