Amazing Spider-Man 11

CBR's SPIDER-MANDATE returns as editor Nick Lowe speaks about the end of "Spider-Verse," the start of "Secret Wars" and the love for "Spider-Gwen!

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• Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 2 of 6. • "Crawling" – After burying Spider-Man in the ground, Kraven dons a copy of Spider-Man's costume. On the rainy streets of New York, Vermin claims the life of a youn

Amazing spider-man #293

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 324 (Vol I)  1989. MARVEL COMICS. WRITER: David Michelinie. ARTIST: Todd McFarlane. COVER PRICE: $1.00. CHARACTERS: Sabretooth, Spider-Man. NOW PRICE: $16.00. CONDITION Near Mint.

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