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Aurora x Shadow

I can die of cuteness >///<<<<first I was like awww then I was like wait... Purple guys in there...

Rose: *runs up to spring* SPRING! *hugs* Spring: *blushes* i missed you too Rose.

ShadowMaria comic by MontyTH.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Name: sasha Age: 15 sasha likes to be with her ​​best friend Jade the cat and Emerald the Echina _ Is over protective of her little sister maira parents : Shadow and Amy ----.

sexy shadow the hedgehog - Buscar con Google

Well I guess it's nice to meet u shadows dad Sd: It's nice to meet u to sweetie Me: Hehe I like him he's nice Shadow: I'm so confused right now

Return of a King- sonamy by sonamy-25.deviantart.com on @deviantART

ahamm asdsada, yes, is a comic of Sonic XD awww is so cute and sorry but this comic , don't have continuation XD. Return of a King- sonamy

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I was all ready for this horrific sight and instead I'm given the wonderful gift of an adorable chibi Shadow!


Sonic is being sweet. Knuckles is being bashful and sweet. Shadow was acting cool and sweet.