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TAG Heuer Carrera – Jack Heuer Limited Edition

TAG Heuer Carrera - Jack Heuer Limited Edition

The honorary president and former CEO of TAG Heuer, Jack Heuer, has an birthday this year and to celebrate the venerable brand is releasing a limited edition of the Carrera, a watch he designed in the that is …


Even though the dial is grey this new Da Vinci Perpetual Chronograph offers plenty of nuances.

Calibre 61

There is a different appeal to older watches and the Navitimer is in that boat.

What's On Your Wrist?

regram The Spinning Roundel on the is layered in different colours of painted film in the historic representation of roundel markings of Hurricanes that served in WWII (📷: by.

What's On Your Wrist?

The Citizen Nighthawk on steel. By Even though this is one of the most popular watches to put on a NATO or other straps, you simply cannot go wrong with steel.