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Resultado de imagen de animales como personas

Funny pictures about Photobomb Level: Shark. Oh, and cool pics about Photobomb Level: Shark. Also, Photobomb Level: Shark.

Image result for saw shark

Image result for saw shark

still has it!

Funny pictures about Remember this kid? Oh, and cool pics about Remember this kid? Also, Remember this kid?

This article explains the evolution of a shark and how similar to a human, many things have changed with this animal since it has was first on this earth millions of years ago

The Evolution of the Great White Shark

Great whites, most experts now believe, are not descended from a megatoothed megashark, but from a more modest relative of mako sharks.

James Crowlett, 34, was on his honeymoon. He just wanted to go for a quick dip, take a selfie underwater and show off to his friends. The photo was uploaded to his Facebook page automatically, and unfortunately that shark was real. As you can see in the photo the shark is ready to strike, and it did just a moment later. It tore of Crowlett’s leg off before lifeguards managed to get to him. He died on the way to the hospital after losing massive quantities of blood.

Extremely crazy and most dangerous selfies compilation ever . These are some of the most epic extreme and dangerous moment selfies of daredevils involving sh.


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Funny pictures about Selfie to the wrong number. Oh, and cool pics about Selfie to the wrong number. Also, Selfie to the wrong number.

Whenever you see it.....FOREVER ALONE

My girlfriend is always trying to sneak my picture <<< can we all just take a moment and look at his reflection in the car window. He's taking a selfie !

...Zen > WabiSabi < Zen...

The 26 atolls that make up the Maldives Island are located off of the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. Here you can witness plenty of gorgeous coral reef wildlife, like whale sharks.


Look at the size of this shark next to the guy in the kayak. Not sure this guy will fond it awesome though lol

I would just die if I saw this in person!

When you walk into a glass door with milkshakes. I don't think those milkshakes are going to bring any boys to the yard.

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