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"Hay una gran diferencia entre y saber que ya fue suficiente" [Trans: There's a big difference between giving in and knowing when you've had enough"] Love this!

Es comoda, pero solo es eso. Te pasas un ratito, descansas y venga, otra vez a lo que viniste a hacer.

The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing growns there.

Weird when her Instagram is byefelicia444 soo...basically she's talking about herself being un important?! Have fun with my ex husband hunny

My JAT Readers know, that my tag line for trolls, is "Bye, Felicia/Bye, Cletus!

Listo para conocer a tu novio jajaja

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No soy transparente

You don't deserve the one who by their indifference makes you feel invisible and absent.But the one who by their attention makes you feel important and present!

Alternativas tiene mucho que ver con humor y romper el saque!!

Me le voy a esconder a mis lentes jajaja, lets see how that works