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El fantasma de Catalina Howard

El fantasma de Catalina Howard

Catherine Parre -Catherine enjoyed a close relationship with Henry's three children and was personally involved in the education of Elizabeth and Edward, both of whom became English monarchs. She was influential in Henry's passing of the Third Succession Act in 1543 that restored both his daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, to the line of succession to the throne

Queen Katherine Parr: “The Jersey Portrait”. The portrait known as “The Jersey Portrait,” was once thought to depict Lady Jane Grey. Through thorough research however, the conclusion is that this is a portrait of Queen Katherine Parr.

Queen Mary I replaced Lady Jane Grey as Queen of England after Jane having the title for just nine days, on this day 19th July, 1553

Queen Mary I of England Holbein Portrait heir to King Henry VIII of England, succeeding her brother, Edward VI. Mary was the first queen to rule England in her own right with full coronation.

It is said to have been commissioned by Lady Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox (1515-78), for her husband Matthew Stewart, Earl of Lennox and Regent of Scotland, who fell in battle in 1571. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Alison Weirs next non-fiction book will be The Princess of Scotland, a life of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, whose eventful career spanned the reigns of four Tudor monarchs.

TODAY IN HISTORY 2/13 - Catherine Howard (1518/24-1542) Queen of England & 5th wife of Henry VIII. Often described as vivacious, beautiful, & buxom, but never scholarly or devout. She was beheaded less than 2 years marriage on the grounds of treason for committing adultery while married to the King. At 1st, Henry disbelieved the allegations, but corroborative proof was found, including the confessions of Dereham & Culpeper. Her execution was 7 a.m. on 13 February 1542.

Catherine Howard sketch possibly by Holbein. I begin to suspect it is a later copy of the poor quality sketch sometimes identified as Catherine Howard

The 16th century Loseley Hall Portrait of Queen Anne Boleyn, by an unknown artist

Anne Boleyn, painted In this miniature portrait, Anne wears a golden necklace with the interlaced initials H and A.

Mary Rose Tudor; detail from a portrait showing her with her husband, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.

Princess Mary Rose Tudor, Queen of France, Duchess of Suffolk, and King Henry Vlll's younger sister.

Thomas Cromwell, successor to Cardinal Wolsey. Later created Earl of Essex; executed for High Treason after his involvement in arranging Henry VIII's fifth marriage (Anne of Cleves)

Prince of Darkness: The truth about Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, after Hans Holbein the Younger, early century - NPG 1727 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Of all Henry VIII's wives, Catherine Parr is probably the closest to being a true role model. She was married very young, was widowed by 15, and played nurse to several of her husbands in their final days. She was pretty much forced to marry Henry, but fortunately her position was that of companion and nurse.   Despite this busy life, she was a learned and erudite woman, and during her marriage to Henry she published a very successful book on religion. She was an advocate for religious…

SIxth and final wife of KIng Henry VIII, she outlived him. Believed to be painted by William Scrots.Wallpaper and background photos of Catherine Parr, Sixth Wife of King Henry VIII of England for fans of Kings and Queens images.

Anne of Cleves by Richard Burchett. Oil on panel, 1850s. Henry thought she was ugly and in the Tutor series, said she looked like a horse.

Anne of Cleves, wife of King Henry VIII, of England. (see our Wall-Sutton-Runyon/Reignion ancestry chart) By Richard Burchett Oil on panel,

Lettice Knollys. Cousin to Elizabeth I. Lettice lost favour with Elizabeth when Elizabeth discovered that Lettice married Robert Dudley - Elizabeth's favourite and cherished courtier.

1577 Elizabeth Knollys, Lady Layton after George Gower. Elizabeth Knollys was the granddaughter of Mary Boleyn, and a great niece of Anne Boleyn. She married Sir Thomas Leighton in

Jane Seymour, wife to Henry VIII. Portrait painted in about 1536, by an artist from the ‘Cast Shadow Workshop’.  Oil on panel. Collection of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Jane Seymour painted circa 1536 by an artist from the ‘Cast Shadow Workshop’: the Society of Antiquities in London. There is something wrong with the torso, the breasts and the face. I've seen a matching portrait of Henry somewhere.

Catherine Howard, fifth wife of King Henry VIII

Catherine Howard, fifth wife of King Henry VIII