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"A Season in Carcosa" book review

"MS Found in a Chicago Hotel Room." Appears in: A Season in Carcosa, ed. Joseph S Pulver, Sr. Miskatonic River Press, Cover art by Daniele Serra.

Alien reflections

Grey Aliens are cloned alien beings created by Reptilian Alien as a slave race. Since their revolt against the oppressive regime of the Reptilian Aliens the Grey Aliens have wondered into the far reached of the Milky-Way Galaxy and the Universe

Demon Monstrosity

Artist: Dong geon Son aka - Title: legend of the cryptids boss monster - Card: Unknown

Khal'druin, mother of creatures by FabrizioDeRossi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Legend tells of a creature in the depths, an enormous reptilian beast, slumbering on the ocean floor. Old sailors call her 'big mama', whilst those of h. Khal'druin, mother of creatures

The mother is always the badass ❤️

My all time favorite sci-fi movie monster: The queen xenomorph from Aliens! Notice the xenomorph warrior at her feet, pretty awesome