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"We may all be netted together" - Darwin. This picture is a great way to illustrate and explain the relations/interactions within all animals. Does not necessarily relate to sexual selection, but a good representation of all Darwin theorized of.

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with healing hands*** a good session of massage and reiki and stones on each chakra at the end - as i have been practicing - is a beautiful input for the chakras' health***

画中画、人中人。来自乌克兰艺术家Oleg Shuplyak的一组有趣的错视画作。

"Picture in Picture, among the people." From Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak,, an interesting optical illusion paintings.

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Community Post: 6 Things That Only Elders Gods Present At The Birth Of The Universe Will Remember

Magic Mushrooms Stimulate Growth of New Brain Cells (Study

Magic Mushrooms Stimulate Growth of New Brain Cells (Study)

Tree of life with moon phase. I already have a tree picked out for my tree of life tattoo but I never thought to add the moon fase


Just a regular DMT trip your body will experience every night which we call a dream. Lets all take a couple hits of dream, extinguish our egos and open our minds to the ignorance and destruction we collectively cause.

Optische illusie: wat zie jij het eerst

Funny pictures about Just some birds and a tree. Oh, and cool pics about Just some birds and a tree. Also, Just some birds and a tree photos.

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P John Burden’s Art that Captures the Spirits of Nature purely beautiful my next cover photo . so expressive