Westminster Abbey, London

England Bucketlist: Westminster Abbey, London, England- can't wait to graduate so I can go here:)

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Westminster Abbey is one of the quintessential visions of London, and one of the most impressive places to get to know the kings & queens of old. The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, London - "Westminster Abbey" at night.

London.. The Tower, one of the oldest castles in London

Tower of London, London, England - Jewel House, taken after hours in the Tower of London. The Jewel house is the home to the Crown Jewels.

A beautiful city with rich heritage. .  .. .   York, England. . .

York - England - I spent several days in this beautiful city. York Minster in the background!

Is there anything more iconic, anywhere in the world? We think not. Check out TheCultureTrip.com's London page and explore this big, beautiful iconic city. (image via travel-and-see-the-world)                                                                                                                                                      More

The Best of Culture in London

On to England! Big Ben - is the nickname of the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminister in London, England. Iconic and what England is most known for, so the Big Ben is a must see.

Westminster Abbey - London The Quire.  Sang here 1997, 2006

Westminster Abbey in London, England. Architecture: Structure: Abbeys (I have had the good fortune to have been able to visit this beautiful place.

London, Big Ben, West Minster Abbey ♥  One of the greatest highlights of our trip...♥

The Clock Tower, better known as ‘Big Ben’. The Clock Tower was renamed the Elizabeth Tower in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Westminster Abbey lady chapel, prettiest part of the abbey

The inside of the beautiful Lady Chapel Westminster Abbey in London. One of the many places, full of old and recent history, to visit when you study abroad with CAPA International Education.


Fantasyhouse: Church of the Resurrection in St-Petersburg in Russian Federation, Churches, monastery and mosques

Carnaby Street, London   <3

Carnaby Street, London, England A Hybrid Modern Travel Sewing Kit As you think, you travel. As you love, you attract.