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Centauro seres terrestres mitologicos

I'm uploading the work I did on the God of War III Playstation 3 game. There's a ton of work so it'll probably take me a couple days to upload . God of War III- Centaur

Joshua Niedzwiecki - Google+

This is totally the demon from my novel Amphibians - even the dagger and clothing style - except Karit-Do was a male and the tiger body also had a head. One raping son of s bitch, I gotta tell ya.

Ian McCaig

The upcoming TLC Workshop that Justin Gerard and I are teaching just got an exciting (and massive) update: Iain McCaig will join us for an.

Rhiannon, the Celtic Goddess of the Moon and inspiration, of nobility and strength, of never giving up.

Rhiannon: A Welsh Celtic Goddess

Epona was the ancient Celtic Horse Goddess who protected horses and their owners. Epona was worshipped in a variety of different aspects. The Irish knew her as Macha, the Goddess of War.