This is going to be something I'm going to remember this when my pain is at its worst. I'm going to keep this quote in the back of my mind and try and live by it!

quote sign youth forever young neon sign youth has no age live for ever

quote sign youth forever young neon sign youth has no age live for ever ninjakelley

jaclyn paige

“Don’t let it get you!” by Dianna Clapperton i always go by this quote its my inspiration

designer of my own catastrophy

"I am the designer of my own life, of my catastrophe", she said, "not you". He gave her a smile. "Of course I am. I am your catastrophe"

Oh So Pretty

Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else - Judy Garland. Lettering by Molly Jacques


"You are being called to live a bigger life. Playing small does not serve you. Your success in life depends on 3 things, of which this is the first. Next come determination and hard work.

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This neon styled typography drew my attention because of the implication that it has in the era of the film. I think it captures the feel of dirty, hostile streets and how the only light comes from neon signage

Regenerate http://archiveofourown.org/works/655507/chapters/1194314

The Kabel free font is a new contemporary display typeface designed by Mathias Nösel.

"Be curious, not judgemental" - Walt Whitman // Quote in a bottle by artist, illustrator and designer Lisa Congdon for her 365 Days of Hand Lettering project


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