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Movement- This picture clearly shows movement, as the young girl is flipping her hair. It is obvious it is in mid motion because of how her hair looks. Also, the way she is posing is very graceful. The colors are something that caught my eyes as well.

sea life by Moshi Moshi

Who doesn't love an explorer? If your suit is this old, might be time to visit our store! Vintage style photo - scuba diver kissing girl in bikini

Take note of the birds around you. They have a lifestyle, a society, customs, songs and dances. If you watch them each day you will learn more about nature, about science and about yourself.

A pretty series of surreal photographs from the portfolio of the young American photographer Taylor Marie McCormick, who offers hazy and dreamlike photographs

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Kiko Mizuhara in “Some Day, That Place in Time” for Union magazine photographed by Ola Rindal

amores perros

A Thank-You Letter To Summer